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Forward Industries is a Nasdaq listed public company.

We have been providing innovative products for some of the world’s leading companies since 1961, developing and manufacturing high quality products for a wide portfolio of global OEM partners.


We provide:

• Over 35 years manufacturing experience in China and the Far East.

• A unique and sustainable product development process.

• Bespoke design solutions.

• End to end manufacturing at our 800,000sq.ft. facilities in China.

• Gold standard quality control procedures.

• Globally recognized compliance structures.

• Logistics and warehousing.

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We are the creative thinkers and innovative manufacturers delivering world-class solutions for global brands.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our team is comprised of creative thinkers, innovative product designers, precision engineers and rigorous compliance and logistics support. Combine this with a highly efficient and professional manufacturing process in China and you will understand why we are able to consistently deliver the products that our clients demand - on budget and on time.


An essential aspect of the Forward philosophy is to develop and maintain long term working partnerships with our clients.


We achieve this by understanding every aspect of the brief  and then developing the best solution.

This is the Forward Process; from embryonic idea through to delivery.


Judge us by the companies we keep.


"If you're not familiar with Forward Industries, then you'll certainly be familiar with the companies for whom we provide a wide range of products.


Forward team members are solution providers with expertise in every aspect of the product development process from excellence in design through to compliance, ensuring that our clients' global supply chain needs are met to the highest standards.


With the recent addition to the Forward Group of the pre-eminent design company, Intelligent Product Solutions, based in New York, we have further expanded our expertise to include IoT enabled products. We operate globally, providing real time 24/7/365 service. We deliver peace of mind for our clients by creating out of the box proactive solutions.


At Forward Industries we go the extra mile so you won’t have to. We take ownership. We recognise that our responsibility is to protect the integrity of your brand and we take this stewardship very seriously."

Terry Wise Chairman

our approach


Today Forward Industries have offices around the world supporting all aspects of the process and providing local client servicing at key global locations.

Dongguan, China

Supplier Production

Shenzhen, China


Granger, IN


Tsuen Wan, HK


West Palm Beach, FL


Operations/ Quality

New York

IPS Design






Sales & Operations

Taipei, Taiwan


forward USA

477 S Rosemary Ave.,

Suite 219

West Palm Beach,

Florida, USA

phone: +1 561 465 0030


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phone: +41 41 747 1100



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phone: +86 769 22366241~3

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FORWARD INDUSTRIES takes its fiduciary responsibilities to our shareholders very seriously and has structured our  Board of Directors, committees and business policies to ensure the highest standard of integrity and accountability.

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