A seamlessly integrated, world-wide design and manufacturing sourcing group

Forward Industries at a glance

Forward Industries is a Nasdaq listed public company

For over 60 years Forward has been successful in developing and producing a portfolio of outstanding products for some of the world’s leading companies and brands.

Our continued success is built on innovation and reliable, high quality manufacture through our exclusive sourcing partnership with Forward Asia-Pacific (APAC).

In 2018 we acquired the New York based, multi-award winning industrial design company, Intelligent Product Solutions. Their reputation for innovating and developing technologically enabled products requiring cutting edge software or hardware expertise is second to none.

During 2019 we partnered with Swedish lifestyle brand Mooni, leaders in portable smart lighting and sound products and UK smart furniture distributor Koble, to launch ranges of ‘intelligent’ lighting and furniture products into the US retail market.

In August 2020 we acquired a Minneapolis based, innovative leading medical and consumer design and development company, Kabloee Design.  Its clients are among the leading brands in consumer electronics and medical devices.

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Forward, A global operation

Our offices and operations are strategically located to support every stage of the design, manufacturing and delivery process.

We are headquartered in the the USA – Florida and New York. Our Far East facilities, administered by Forward Asia-Pacific (APAC), provides end-to-end manufacturing across over 800,000 sq. ft. of factory space. Additionally we have a network of manufacturing capabilities in the US and Europe.

An innovative sourcing company with a long standing network of reputable manufacturers

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our team comprises of creative thinkers, innovative product designers, precision engineers and rigorous compliance and logistics support. Combine this with highly efficient and professional manufacturing processes in the Far East, Europe and the US, and you will understand why we are able to consistently deliver the products that our clients demand – on budget and on time.

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Spanning Market Sectors

Our design and manufacturing expertise enables us to span a wide range of market sectors. From B2B to consumer. Medical to military. Lifestyle to live saving.

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A growing group

Our target is for significant growth, both organically and strategically, to add value for our stakeholders and improve efficiencies and scale for our clients.

Our acquisition of Intelligent Product Solutions, the New York based ideation, design and engineering company, has already contributed significantly to both our strategic capabilities and revenue.

Additionally, we have partnered with Mooni®, a Swedish light and sound brand establishing Forward’s presence in the US retail sector. Their products combine illumination and sound, allowing people to transform ordinary spaces into beautiful experiences.

Our strategic objective is for continued growth. However, our ambition will not compromise our pursuit of excellence in design or manufacturing. Any future acquisitions or partnerships must fulfil our high standards by adding to an improvement in the quality of our product range and significant revenue growth.


Chairman's Message

Judge us by the companies we keep

“If you’re not familiar with Forward Industries, then you’ll certainly be familiar with the companies for whom we provide a wide range of products.

Forward team members are solution providers with expertise in every aspect of the product development process from excellence in design through to compliance, ensuring that our clients’ global supply chain needs are met to the highest standards.

With the recent addition to the Forward Group of the pre-eminent design company, Intelligent Product Solutions, based in New York, we have further expanded our expertise to include IoT enabled products. We operate globally, providing real time 24/7/365 service. We deliver peace of mind for our clients by creating out of the box proactive solutions.

At Forward Industries we go the extra mile so you won’t have to. We take ownership. We recognise that our responsibility is to protect the integrity of your brand and we take this stewardship very seriously.”

Forward Industries Chairman

Terry Wise