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A Better Auto Injector

Auto injectors are widely used for a multitude of drugs; one of the most well known being epinephrine. These devices inject liquid drug automatically into the upper thigh or abdomen of the user. Unfortunately, injectors can be difficult to master for some users as they take seven or more steps to inject the drug and can be unsteady and confusing.
We were tasked to create medical product design for an auto injector platform device that could inject a wide variety of viscosities, volumes, and drug types into the subcutaneous tissue quickly and accurately while being simpler and easier to use.

Through extensive research and medical product development efforts at our Minneapolis headquarters, we were able to simplify the operation of the device down to three steps while simultaneously implementing several new features to the device such as a needle lockout and drug viewing window to improve patient safety.

The results of our medical product design efforts have enabled Antares’ clients to sell multiple drugs out of the same package. This has effectively decreased development costs and time to market with many new auto injector product lines. They were also able to significantly reduce the number of adverse events during use reducing potential harm to the patient.

The new injection device is much simpler, faster and safer than other competing devices. This gives patients more accurate dosing, less pain, fewer adverse events, better outcomes, added comfort and peace of mind.

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