Rezum Prostate Ablation System

The device was truly a unique innovation because of its gentle steam ablation therapy. This therapy uses steam in order to gently denature the cell membrane of prostate cells causing cell death. This gentle ablation made the procedure much less painful for the patient and reduced the amount of time to normal urinary function.

We saw opportunities to improve the functionality and usability of the Rezum device. Using our D3 Process we created a solution that incorporated a needle actuated by a trigger that protruded at a perpendicular angle to the main catheter. In addition, the handle of the device not only incorporated the ability to flush the treatment area, but it also included the RF coil in order to create the steam for the ablation procedure. This enabled the hand-held portion of the system to perform all the necessary functions of the procedure, without removing it from the patient.

After working with Kablooe for medical device product development, this BPH treatment became a shorter, simpler procedure creating a fantastic competitive advantage for NxThera while also saving patients and insurers time and money in medical costs and recovery time.

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